Product Overview


The Substrate Cage™ is a life science research tool designed to facilitate the development of bioconversion processes using insoluble polymeric materials. Insoluble polymers including plant cellulosic, crustacean shell, man-made plastics and other polymeric waste materials are potentially valuable sources of carbon-based chemicals. Recent advances in the use of biological systems to convert cellulose feedstocks into biofuels have allowed an otherwise unusable material to become commercially important. Similar bioconversion processes for municipal waste disposal are being commercially implemented. These advances are making it increasingly clear that polymeric materials, traditionally discarded as waste, can now be used to recover commercially valuable products. To further advance this field, new tools are needed to facilitate the development of bioconversion processes. The Substrate Cage is one such tool.

16mm Substrate Cages

16mm Substrate Cages

Micro-assay Plate Substrate Cages

Micro-assay Plate Substrate Cages

Shake Flask Substrate Cage

Shake Flask Substrate Cage

Substrate Cage™

For researchers desiring maximum flexibility in their experimental design, we currently offer Substrate Cage™ products in three sizes:

  • Nested cylinder cages that fit in 16mm culture tubes


MICRO-ASSAY Plate Substrate Cage™

  • Micro-assay plate inserts that are compatible with standard 96-well culture dishes


SHAKe Flask Substrate Cage™

  • Nested cylinder cages for use in shake-flasks (4.5 cm diameter)




Assay Kits

For researchers looking for a complete package to test a specific substrate, microbe, or enzyme, we have a a suite of Substrate Cage™ assay kits with all required components included. Our current kits have either cellulose or chitin control substrates, appropriate Substrate Cage™ devices, and reference bacterial strains or enzymes to verify that the kit is working under the selected experimental conditions.



For researchers looking for accessory reagents and supplies for experiments that use Substrate Cage™ products, we have competitive pricing for glassware, media, buffers, and equipment.